Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Journey to Health

I was over-weight from about 4th grade through my early twenties. At 25 I joined Weight Watchers and lost 55 pounds. I was able to keep that off until my first pregnancy when after Jessica's birth, I had more than a beautiful baby girl. I also had almost 50 pounds back on. I kept that weight until my second child was about one. This time I joined L.A. Weight-loss and was able to loose 45 pounds. I have been the off-on dieter ever since. Loose 20 pounds, gain it, loose it, gain it. I was on an "up 20" when I found out we were expecting Annalia. Even though I exercised throughout my pregnancy, I was again over weight at the end of it. In fact, I weighed more than ever before. I felt very defeated! In 2009 I lost 20 pounds only to gain back 12# of it. Ugh! Then I spend two years with a "why bother" attitude. I'm not real sure when my "moment of enlightenment" happened, sometime January/February 2011. But I finally decided that I was not okay with my health. Not only was I not eating well, I had not seen the doctor since Annalia was born and had not seen the dentist in 6 years. I decided that it was time to take care of myself.

So here it is, 5+ months and I'm on my way. I've seen my doctor, had my teeth checked and cleaned (no cavities) and I've lost 25 pounds so far. I'm trying to really focus on changing my eating habits so that I don't find myself in this position again. I've also been putting goals in front of me to help me keep going. My next goal, a Duathlon.

My next post will probably be mostly about this journey along with the frustration that come with it. I hope that you may find it inspiring on some level...