Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chinese handcuffs.

Do you remember Chinese Handcuffs? They are the carnival toy that you put each index finger into, then when you try to pull your fingers out, the little sucker tightens up and keeps you locked in. This was pretty much my experience in the dressing room on Monday. I had found this cute blouse with cuffed sleeves. I put my arms in, and pull it on. It was a bit snug, so I proceeded to take it off. I got the blouse off my shoulders and began to pull. Here is were I ran into a little bit of a problem. The shirt had a death grip on my pudgy arms. I panicked. Will I have to call the attendant? Will I have to leave the dressing room with my alarmingly white and flabby belly hanging over my pants, while my arms are pinned behind me in what has become a straight-jacket? I can feel my core temperature raising with each scenario. Finally, in desperation, I fling my arms over my head and manage to free the offending blouse from my body. Ahh relief! I'm out of breath. I quickly redress into my own clothes. I bring the evil blouse to the attendant. "How did it go" she asks politely? I feel my face growing red at the memory of what just transpired. I sheepishly respond, "I didn't like the color on me". Then I quickly removed myself from the premises.


Diane said...

Tee-hee... you're so funny! I would dare bet that every person reading this post can relate and that each person has been in a similar situation before!

What fun would life be without speedbumps?! ;)

Brenda said...

I cannot imagine the horror!!! So happy you got yourself out with dignity intact!!! :)

I will say I had a good laugh over this mental picture!!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

It was funny yesterday and still funny today, only because "babe" I've been there, done that!

Mari said...

So funny! I was laughing out loud reading this. I can sooo relate!

Jennifer said...

This is excellent! Who can't relate. But you tell it so well.