Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Running

Well, I finally broke my 40min. 5k. It was just on my own run and not at a official race...but I feel good about achieving that BEFORE my next birthday. I ran 5k in 38:44 so it wasn't even a squeak by. Next race is in 16 days, the Lamont 5k. It's just a little local race and will not be chipped. Which just means the official time might not be real accurate. My new goal now is to get down to a 12min mile pace, which is a whooping 5mph. Since I've been using my Nike + GPS (one month) I have tracked over 36 miles. That's kind of cool. I'm actually getting to the place where I enjoy the run (well, at least most of the way). But sharing this experience with my husband and with friends (especially Jen) has been the biggest blessing of all.

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