Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doubt & Decisions

Do you ever have a hard time making decisions? I wouldn't say that I normally fall into that category, but there are times when the "stakes" seems higher and I just can decide. What makes it so hard to decided? Sometimes we just don't know what we truly want, sometimes we know what we want but we are trying to make someone else happy. Sometimes it's doubt and fear.

I have been given an amazing opportunity! A gift really, to be able to sell a line of children's clothes on Sew Happy Baby's web-site. Jen (the owner) gave me the option to name my "business" and start "branding" myself. To me this was both scary and exciting. I've been making and selling (or giving as gifts) things for a very long time. I always go through the same emotions: Excitement * Disbelief * Fear * Doubt. Sometimes the doubt gets me, and I don't' move forward. It's not that I haven't been successful in the past. I had a line of handmade greeting cards that were being sold in 6 boutiques throughout West Michigan. I had an Art rep too. Then the economy crashed and so did my business.

When Jen wanted to add to her web-site, I asked if I could give it a try. If it wasn't for the constant encouragement from Jen Suits and my husband, this adventure would have been banked into the doubt tote. This tote is full of many things that I didn't think anyone would buy. I have an "emotional-figurative-tote" and an actual-literal-tote. I'm not sure which one weighs more. When the doubts sets in, I begin to put things off, as if I'm already separating myself from the venture. I did this with the whole "branding" and naming of my clothing. I had a lot of different names, my family didn't like any of them. Then it just started feeling like it was all too much, and "what I'm I thinking, I don't sew well enough anyway."

Mike (DH) kept pushing me forward. So I asked Jen if she would post a picture of the pants on her blog (while we are waiting for the web-site to get completed). Of course she was happy to do so, because she is awesome like that. The amazing thing is, After only something like 48 hours, someone bought a pair of pants. So I have my first order! Now I'm scrabbling! Because I had already began moving toward doubt, I don't have tags, or sizing tags. It also pushed me to pick a name.

I know that it's mine and no one else has to like the name, but for me, it's more fun when those you love are excited too. I really wanted to use the word "magpie" because that is what my little Annalia is, and it really just reminds me of little girls. After going around and around with different variations. We have settled on "lil' Magpie" There are a lot of steps ahead and I'm sure doubt will rear it's ugly head...but, I'm pushing through it with the love and support of friends and family. I will keep you all posted as things come into place. Happy to have you on this crazy exciting adventure!

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